My name is Merida. Aye dinnae fat'om ye'd want t' know much else.

Merida’s left eyebrow arched as she examined her needlework still not entirely too pleased with the way the stitching had went. Perhaps another row would do. A knock at the door stirred her, having her realize she had been sitting for a rather long period of time - stretching as she stood. “Just a minute!” she called when the knock sounded again, draping a blanket around her shoulders. 

As she opened the door her jaw drop and not soon after her lungs filled with air sucking in a sharp breath that hurt it was so fast. The hooded woman lifted her face to reveal auburn tendrils almost identitical to Merida’s own. 


She was really at a loss for words. “M….Mum?”

The woman smiled. “Aye.”

With a strangled noise of joy she jumped into her Mother’s arms and cried as loud and unabashed as if she were a wee bairn again.

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Something that was once lost appeared on her bed, the jewel taken from her uncle.

Merida had not expected anything for Christmas. On a budget like hers she couldn’t afford to splurge on decorations or anything for herself. This was…not anticipated and she had wanted to come forward and ask for it back but had not wanted another confrontation like the last. Though she loathed the hunter that had murdered him two wrongs did not make a right. She would not feel any better killing her. Killing her would not bring him back.

This though, meant the world to her. Now it was hers to protect, hers to guard. 

She would never admit it, but this action had made her hate for the hunter lesson. Just by a little.

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Ehhh what d’ya know. Aye think aye done pretty well t’day.

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Clan Buchanan

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You're a very popular princess

Now aye know ye’re daft.

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And I wanted more than one picture but there was a line ai creye


Ye sure t’was me?

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